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Year 7 Science Competition – Power For the World

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Academic, Prep School

Year 7 started their new topic in Science: Energy Resources. What better way to start this topic than with an inter-house competition! The aims of the competition were for the pupils to gain an understanding of how renewable energy can provide power in rural communities in developing countries,... More »

The KL Model United Nations Trip

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Academic, Trips, Senior School

In the College’s third Model United Nations conference this year, twenty eager pupils from Shell to Lower Sixth once again donned their finest formal jackets to take part in an exciting session of the Kuala Lumpur MUN, a three-day conference comprising of fierce debate alongside thoughtful... More »

Singapore Art Stage Trip

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Art, Trips, Senior School

On 22nd January thirty-five pupils set off from MCM to visit ‘Art Stage Singapore: We are Asia’. They shared a sense of excitement and a love of Art and were not to be disappointed. The pupils from Remove, Hundred and Lower Sixth are all studying Art and it is an important and enjoyable part...

Sunday Speaker - Mr Ben De Haldevang

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Boarding, Music

Mr Ben De Haldevang gave a very enlightening talk on Sunday, particularly for those ignorant of jazz. He highlighted the Basin Street Blues classic from its origins in the deep South of USA in the 1920s through its metamorphosis by Louis Armstrong, a bleaker Miles Davis version, all the way to... More »

MCM Pupils and Beaks V DESA Bangles

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Sports, Senior School

On Sunday 1st February, a Marlborough College XI made up of beaks and pupils took the field against one of Johor's best club sides, the DESA Bangles. Salman Zhari won the toss for the visitors and didn't hesitate to elect to bat on what proved to be an excellent wicket.

Shell Sports Camp - Thanyapura Sports Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Sports, Trips, Senior School

The Shell pupils had a tremendous trip to Thanyapura Sports Resort in Phuket, working hard and learning about the culture of their hosts. They got involved in Muay Thai, Tennis, running in rubber plantations, Zumba, swim training with Thai Olympic hopefuls and a boot camp called 'Project Extreme'....

A* Japanese IGCSE Success

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Academic, Pupil Achievements, Senior School

Congratulations to our four Cambridge IGCSE Japanese candidates who all achieved A* grades in the recently released results from the November 2014 examinations. These results reflect the linguistic ability of the pupils, their hard work and the excellent preparation of their Japanese teacher,... More »

Sunday Speaker - Adrian David Cheok

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Boarding

Adrian David Cheok, who is setting up a new research lab in Iskandar, treated the boarders to an excellent Sunday morning talk. He spoke about research in human-computer interfaces and developing new types of communication environments using all the senses, including touch, taste, and smell. One of... More »

Junior Boarders' Kota Tingii Trip

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Trips, Boarding

At 4.30pm on Friday 16th January, 42 eager and excited junior boarders departed the Marlborough campus prepared for what was to be a brilliant weekend away in Kota Tingii. Upon arrival at the Kulum Eco Trail site the boarders met their activity coordinators, were swiftly organized into their dorms...

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