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Music Scholars’ Gala Concert

Category: Music, General, Events

Royal Over-Seas League, London – Monday 16th November 2015Arguably, one of the most important and rewarding musical mediums is that of chamber music.  It promotes all sorts of wonderful things:  collaboration, communication, organisation and a sense of collective participation and... More »

In Memoriam: Charles Hamilton Sorley

Category: Community, General, Music

A service of commemoration for Charles Hamilton Sorley (C1 1908-15) took place on Sunday 15th November in Chapel.Sorley was killed by a sniper north of Loos, October 13th 1915 while in acting command of his Company of the 7th Suffolk Regiment.On the 60th anniversary of the young poet’s death... More »

Review: MCCS Concert

Category: Music

Charles Owen and Katya Apekisheva are two pianists who over their careers have become critically acclaimed, as both soloists and ensemble players. With a plethora of international experience as pianists, their virtuosic skill and dexterity was apparent in their choice of repertoire.Opening the... More »

Review: House Song Competition

Category: Music

The annual House Song Competition has a reputation for passion, participation, energy, enthusiasm and, on occasion, a whisker of controversy.  Mercifully this year, the latter was anonymous and each House offered worthy contributions sprinkled with some real highlights along the way.  The... More »

Memorial Hall Performance

Category: Music

Violinist Lizzie Daniels (IH U6) has enjoyed considerable success in recent years, most notably winning Bath Young Musician of the Year competition in 2014, being appointed as a member of the National Youth Orchestra, and achieving an extraordinary 148 out of 150 in a recent Grade 8 singing exam.... More »

Marlborough College Concert Series

Category: Music, General, Events

'Emma Johnson – Clarinet Goes to Town' Emma Johnson was crowned BBC Young Musician of the Year in 1984, in itself a magnificent achievement but in a way, that was the easy bit.  What comes after is so much more challenging and that is to sustain a meaningful career decade after decade with... More »

Review: Recital at Calne Festival

Category: Music, General, Events

The annual visit to the Calne Music Festival lunchtime series is always a wonderful opportunity for our most talented musicians to perform. Surrounded by local artwork, this unique and very intimate concert hall can be an intimidating venue for even our most experienced musicians, especially when... More »

Review: House Harmony

Category: Music

The much-anticipated House Harmony once again took place to a packed and enthusiastic Memorial Hall and, as usual, was an absorbing and entertaining spectacle.  Harmony is tough – groups consist of a maximum of ten singers singing unaccompanied and often intricate songs which tests both... More »

Review: Evening Pupils’ Recital

Category: Music

Thursday 1 October 2015A little earlier in the Michaelmas Term than was either expected or usual due to the later date of the annual London Gala Concert (November), the Evening Pupils’ Recital began the feast of musical performances scheduled for the year ahead.Always up for a challenge to make... More »

Oxford Choral Scholarship

Category: Music

The College was delighted to receive news that our two applicants for choral scholarships at the University of Oxford were both successful. Bel Guillaume (CO L6), who won a scholarship at St. Peter’s College, and Thor Kverndal (C1 L6), at Oriel, follow a long tradition of Marlburians who have... More »

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