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OMs take the stage

Category: Music, Events, General

A number of OMs on the Yucatan records label performed in the Mem Hall on Saturday evening.Josh Edwards (BH 2004-09), Josh Jordan (LI 2004-09), Will Stokes (B1 2003-08) and Seb Fagg (C1 2004-09) all performed alongside Blanco White on stage.To find out more about Yucatan Records and George Cosby... More »

Charity Concert

Category: Music

A charity concert organised by Alice Studdert-Kennedy (NC U6) is taking place on Saturday evening at St Mary’s Church in Marlborough.The evening is to raise funds for the SPRINT fund, a charity set up to help children who have had acquired brain injury recuperate and get them living a normal and... More »

Review: Wind Department Concert

Category: Music, General, Events

An enthusiastic Memorial Hall audience was entertained by an energetic and eclectic mix of material, the common theme being the evident enjoyment of both players and conductors.Big Band set the tone with three high quality pieces, including a rendition of ‘That’s Life’ as a suitable tribute to... More »

Review: Carol Services

Category: Music, General, Community

The order of service for the recent festival of lessons and carols announced ‘a traditional service’.  Traditional it was, but in no way predictable or routine.  Point of fact, it was a superb blend of the established with music by the late Sir David Willcocks, the evergreen John Rutter... More »

Music Events Round-Up

Category: Music, General, Events

In this busy time of year music is bursting out everywhere as it should. The Goodison Hall, the Ellis Theatre and the Chapel have all hosted events recently, with the Mem Hall still to come.On lunchtime on Friday 4th December, a student-led concert entertained us with a sequence of good variety: an... More »

Review: Advent Carol Service

Category: Music

There can be no doubt that this year’s Advent Carol Service was perhaps one of the most special in living memory.  A packed and beautifully decorated Chapel is unquestionably the perfect setting to celebrate the new Christian year and the Choir’s contribution to this exquisite occasion was... More »

Music Scholars’ Gala Concert

Category: Music, General, Events

Royal Over-Seas League, London – Monday 16th November 2015Arguably, one of the most important and rewarding musical mediums is that of chamber music.  It promotes all sorts of wonderful things:  collaboration, communication, organisation and a sense of collective participation and... More »

In Memoriam: Charles Hamilton Sorley

Category: Community, General, Music

A service of commemoration for Charles Hamilton Sorley (C1 1908-15) took place on Sunday 15th November in Chapel.Sorley was killed by a sniper north of Loos, October 13th 1915 while in acting command of his Company of the 7th Suffolk Regiment.On the 60th anniversary of the young poet’s death... More »

Review: MCCS Concert

Category: Music

Charles Owen and Katya Apekisheva are two pianists who over their careers have become critically acclaimed, as both soloists and ensemble players. With a plethora of international experience as pianists, their virtuosic skill and dexterity was apparent in their choice of repertoire.Opening the... More »

Review: House Song Competition

Category: Music

The annual House Song Competition has a reputation for passion, participation, energy, enthusiasm and, on occasion, a whisker of controversy.  Mercifully this year, the latter was anonymous and each House offered worthy contributions sprinkled with some real highlights along the way.  The... More »

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