Music Technology Concert

Category: Music

Reviewed by Philip Dukes (Artistic Director):

In the comfort of that Voodoo Lounge vibe (beanbags, candles, discreet lighting et al) we are treated to samples (pre-recorded) of the A level coursework the pupils have been producing since October.  The results are very good indeed:  each pupil relying not only on their own skills of production, but enhancing their work still further by employing every possible musical option of support available. This support not only includes the excellent Director of the course, Mr Baldrey, and other members of the Music Staff, but the pupils themselves, who offer each other their specific skills on vocals, kit and more besides.

Music of all styles and genre is not only an international language, but one that builds relationships and breaks perceived barriers of class and social divide.  The Music Technology course at the College is open to both Marlborough College and St John’s pupils and to see the integration, respect and support offered to each other in this highly effective collaboration process was both refreshing and uplifting.  Bravo.

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