Review: End of Year Showcase Concert

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The annual End of Year Showcase Concert in the Ellis Theatre is an invaluable opportunity to witness music making in both the Shell and Remove year groups, and this year we were treated to a remarkable display of variety, and at times, virtuosity from both scholars and non-scholars alike. 

There was much to admire both in a solo and ensemble capacity, reflecting the diversity and depth from all corners of the Music Department. 

There was a first in a performance from a Marlborough College Malaysia pupil, Dayini Kamarul Baharin whose two Novelettes by Poulenc were a real highlight of the show.  A number of Music Scholars were also on display:  Darcey Goble (MM Sh), Florence Tuckey (EL Sh), Annabel Hannan (NC Sh), Jason Kellinger (C3 Sh), Alice Wood (MO Sh) and Jon Lam (C1 Re), all worthy of special mention and with spirited displays from Concert Band, Junior Percussion Ensemble, Showcase Big Band and some rock and pop items preceding the finale from Junior Strings and Junior Singers, the absolutely huge audience was given a real treat.

What’s particularly exciting is that these young musicians are the future of music at Marlborough and in their hands the future seems very bright.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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