Review: Battle of the Bands

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The Battle of the Bands is now an established fixture, which heralds the beginning of the Summer Term to good effect. 

There is a respectful and convivial atmosphere within the marquee in Court as pupils, staff, friends and family mingle to witness an eclectic mixture of songs all of which are persuasively and enthusiastically delivered by the Houses.  This is particularly commendable given we are barely a matter of days into the new term and, with some witty and pertinent adjudication from Mr Blackburn, it made for quite an occasion. 

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Summerfield opened proceedings with a song from the The Jam, which set the scene nicely.  Fraser Hutchinson led from the front for C2, Morris were entertaining in Mamma Mia, whilst Mill Mead produced a good instrumental arrangement.  Preshute’s rendition of a Beatle’s ballad in Lennonesque sitting style worked well, Barton Hill were strong contributors and New Court embraced a witty trombone solo.  There was good timing and energy from Elmhurst, and Cotton produced great attitude and leadership, and there was much to admire in C3 and Littlefield with confident performances, which were well presented.  Turner had a really good groove with solid drumming and Ivy House produced a song of great character with good dynamics. 

A difficult decision then presented itself to our adjudicator who, in the end, placed Cotton as runners-up with C1 as outright winners for a polished performance with good dynamic control in the vocals and some excellent instrumental support from the strings. 

Congratulations, one and all, for some really spirited music making.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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