Review: Music Technology Recital

Category: Music, General

The Music Tech ‘concert’ was, once again, an effective and persuasive presentation of various tasks associated with AS and A2 Music Technology. 

It’s a nice vibe as pupils sit around the Goodison Hall and appreciate each other’s talents both in a technical and practical capacity.  The recordings are cleverly and imaginatively put together and feature pupils and staff as artists alongside one another, all under the watchful and expert eye (and ear) of Mr Baldrey. 

What’s striking is how versatile the featured musicians can be.  Many are accomplished, classically trained musicians, but this forum allows other qualities to emerge, in a less formal capacity – and the results are excellent, whether as vocalists, instrumentalists or in special effects.  What is also pleasing to note is that St John’s pupils are also included in this class, working and performing alongside College pupils to good effect. 

In summary, hugely creative and at times, highly original.  Really good stuff.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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