Review: End of Year Showcase Concert

Category: Music, General, Events

At the end of a marathon year of concerts, masterclasses, collaborations, outreach projects - in fact, all manner of events, this was most definitely the final event of the year! 

Not that it lacked any of the usual intrigue, variety or passion.  Indeed, this concert, perhaps, included more young musicians from the Shell and Remove than ever before, reflecting the departmental ethos of inclusivity. 

Within the concert, however, there was some fine solo talent on display from the Music Scholars, and particular mention should be given to Sophie Smith (DA Sh), Minnie Feather (MM Sh), Henry Bentley (TU Sh), Rosie Olver (EL Sh) and Florence Tuckey (EL Re) making worthy contributions.  The beauty of this event is the anticipation for what these individuals might achieve in the future, and on this showing, that certainly bodes well. 

Congratulations, then, on a fine presentation to conclude a memorable year.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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