Review: House Shout/Harmony

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In the final week before half-term, the annual House Song and Harmony competition descended upon the College. With two new venues in place to substitute for the Memorial Hall, the format of the competition had to change, but the Houses produced some music that was no less impressive than in previous years.

The Chapel held the competition for House Harmony, and there was a palpable buzz about the place. Some serious close harmony competition was held in front of the reredos, which stood as a poignant setting full of golden lustre for some acapella accomplishment. The audience listened to an eclectic range of songs, arranged by the students, and performed to incredible standards. Always supportive, they whooped and cheered for each act before and after they had sung – a real testament to the support Marlburians give one another. It was excellent to see some wonderful and thoughtful singing from all year groups, and certainly very encouraging to see various members of the Shell be given solos, too.

Later came the House Song competition in the Norwood Hall. It was quite something to have the entire school in one place for the competition, and the building certainly coped with providing great acoustics for the competition. It also provided the school with an evening of excellent fun after such a busy start to this academic year. Once again, the standard of each performance was incredibly high, and it is clear that the trend is turning from a ‘shout’ to a ‘song’, but still with no less volume than before!

In the words of the illustrious Philip Dukes ‘Great competition needs great adjudication’ and this year saw Joanna L’Estrange enter the fold to judge the competition this year. Awarding C1 with the Harmony prize, she was met with rapturous applause as it was clear the consensus for the choice was correct. Click here to view the winning performance. Cotton winning the Outhouse competition and Barton Hill winning the Boys’ House competition saw tumultuous celebration from the Houses in question, and Elmhurst were crowned Girls’ House and overall winner this academic year. Congratulations to the winning Houses!

A special acknowledgement should go to all those who made the competition possible this year, and I’m sure that the whole school will join me in saying ‘thank you’.

However, I feel that this year, all Houses should be commended for such enthusiasm, dedication, and well-spirited competition and sound. Congratulations all for pulling out the stops once more, well done.

Adam Staines
Choirmaster & Academic Music Teacher

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