24 hour Music Marathon starts Saturday

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MARLBOROUGH College is hosting a 24 hour Music Marathon this weekend to raise funds for The Brain Tumour Charity and the John Radcliffe Hospital.

What is it and where?

The event is a 24-hour music marathon in memory of Bobby Cox who, just over two years ago, tragically died of a brain tumour. He was just five years old.  Since then his parents Paul and Harriet have raised over £150,000 through 'Bobby's Fund' for The Brain Tumour Charity and the John Radcliffe Hospital, and this event seeks to further increase that figure in this vital area of medicine and in support of those marvellous organisations.  

VIDEO: Click here for an interview with Philip Dukes, previewing the event

The event will take place at various locations at Marlborough College, including the Chapel, the Ellis Theatre and the Goodson Hall (Henry Hony Centre).

How can I get involved?

Click here to view a programme of events over the 24 hour period.  Some events are designated as ‘College staff only' but all others are open to the public and entry is free. It promises to be a very full, colourful and varied occasion! 

How do I give?

There are two ways to give.  You can either click here and make a contribution to the Just Giving page for this event, which is a very quick and easy process, or you can send a cheque to the Music Department at Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire  SN8 1PA made payable to ‘The Brain Tumour Charity’ and we will forward that money to the fund on your behalf.

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