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Perhaps one of the most anticipated and most enjoyable recitals of the year is that of the Liederabend which promotes a wonderful line up of French, German and Italian songs in a collaboration between the Music and Modern Languages departments. 

A team of talented linguists translate the text of the songs which are in turn performed by an equally talented group of young musicians.  For the 2018 performance the Adderley once again provided the perfect setting, with particular praise and thanks to Mr Mattinson and Miss Toomer for their detailed preparation and, in Miss Toomer’s case, sensitive piano accompaniment at the event.  

Musically, there was much to admire: Katerina Mackaness (MM U6) showed terrific bravery and composure starting the programme, Finn Kverndal’s (C1 L6) performance was both beautiful and distinguished, Violet Mackintosh (MO L6) warmed to her task in a sincere rendition, Camilla Brebbia (NC Sh) produced good control, colours and dynamics, Violet Elworthy (MO L6) was communicative in her delivery, Jon Lam (C1 L6) offered clarity and purpose, Amelia Bentley’s (LI U6) performance was intimate and cultured, Checkie Hamilton’s (MO U6) sophisticated and securely memorised, James Eyles (LI U6) showed unquestionable potential and maturity, Sophia Reina (LI L6) produced a projected, full and rich sound, Fleur White (EL Re) was both fresh and spirited, and the Master bid a fond farewell to this event with a lovely mixture of the delicate and the dramatic.  Following this, Lola Cracknell (IH Hu) was concentrated and appropriately intense; Salome Northridge (IH U6) offered an outstanding contribution which was both natural and moving;  Freddie Elmberg (BH U6) had terrific energy and timing; Tate Oliphant (MO Hu) was both pure and flowing; Darcey Goble (MM Hu) reflective and tender; Clara Hutchinson (NC Re) was bubbly with a nice blend of the lyrical and the humorous; Henry Bentley (TU Re) demonstrated excellent portato and sense of line, with Anna Laakkonen (MO U6) producing a classy, intelligent presentation before Christopher Beswick (C1 U6) brought proceedings to a conclusion with a persuasive and absorbing performance.  

Congratulations, then, to all, not forgetting the translators:  Sasha Hewett (MM L6 ), Lucy Burgess (NC L6), Henry Macpherson-Petermann (C2 Re), Amelia Heard (IH L6), Claire Irwin (PR L6), Eliza Kearns, (EL L6), Nell Hargorve (IH L6), Petra Bigham (MO L6), Izzy Sanderson (IH L6), Stella Irwin, (SU L6), Benedict Eisenhardt (C2 Re), Grace Hines (EL L6), Violet Mackintosh (MO L6), Pia von Wersebe (CO L6), Toby Hargrove (LI L6) and Diddy Stewart (EL L6), who, combined with the teachers, all contributed to producing such a memorable and magical occasion.  

Philip Dukes

Artistic Director

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