Review: MCCS - Ksenija Sidorova

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It’s not every day one has the opportunity to hear the classical accordion in concert – even less frequent is the opportunity to listen to a virtuoso solo exponent of the same instrument.  In Ksenija Sidorova we have just that and it’s a refreshing, fascinating and, at times, breath-taking experience.

Miss Sidorova is a master craftsman at work both in her complete technical mastery and her characterisation of the music, the latter being particularly persuasive.  The programme was predominantly Russian based but hugely varied with a blend of the contemporary and the traditional providing superb contrast throughout.  Her charming and informative introductions offered a marvellous insight into the world of the accordion with all its quirks and curious idiosyncrasies – none more so than the ability to change the tone with ‘stops’ operated by her chin!  What was perhaps most enthralling was her facility, precision and dexterity in the right hand keyboard.  Nowhere was this more evident than in Moszkowski’s Caprice Espagnol where Ksenija absolutely dazzled.  

With the Memorial Hall being out of commission for the 2017/18 season we were forced to explore some different performing options to suit the more intimate surroundings of the Ellis Theatre.  Initially that might have suggested a less tantalising line up, but in the end, and as we closed the season with this extraordinary concert, we can reflect on hearing some astonishing artistry – and none more so than Ksenija Sidorova and her beautiful world of the accordion.

Philip Dukes

Artistic Director 

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