Review: Life after Marlborough

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On Wednesday 19th April five OM’s returned to the College to talk to the Upper Sixth about what life is like after Marlborough.

They gave a lot of really good advice and I thought it was very useful to hear from people who three or four years ago were sitting where we sat, having had the same experiences that we had. Two pieces of advice really stood out to me.

First, the recommendation they all gave to immerse oneself in societies and sport when starting university. They said that doing this helps you to meet like-minded people who often become your closest friends. They also mentioned that it is a good distraction from the work pressures of university and definitely decreases social anxiety in the first few months of starting university.

Second, they mentioned the money pressures of student life and some solutions to solve this. One student has a job at a local pub and works there on weekends full-time, and although this means he misses out on weekend life at university he is able to earn lots of money and interact with the locals. Another of the speakers said he made a deal with his Father; if he is able to borrow the money when he needs it, he will definitely pay him back, but at a better rate than the student loan company sets.

The talk was very insightful and we all agreed having such an open environment to ask questions gave us much information and many solutions.

Georgie Nicholas (MM U6)

Thanks to OMs Nick Nott (C3 2010-15), Walker Zupp (B1 2012-14), Charlie Mobbs (LI 2010-15), Helen Money-Kyrle (MO 2010-15) and Tom Cayley (CO 2010-15)

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