Perfect score in Intermediate Maths Challenge

Category: Pupil Achievements

On Thursday 1st February, pupils in six lower-school maths classes entered the Intermediate Maths Challenge. 

This competition is run annually by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust to stimulate problem solving. Pupils are faced with 25 challenging multiple-choice questions to tackle in a single hour; it is very difficult to finish the paper.

Ben Place (C1 Hu) not only finished the paper but achieved something that none in the maths department can recall happening previously at Marlborough: a perfect score of 135/135. To put this extraordinary achievement into context we must consider that just 7% of entrants receive a gold certificate and the mark required for this was 73/135; surpassed by a further 14 Marlburians. Furthermore, Ben has qualified for the next round of this competition known as the Maclaurin paper. This is open to the top 500 scorers country-wide in his year group who needed 104/135 to qualify.

Special mentions are also necessary for Alicia Tomacelli (MM Sh) who, while in the Shell, scored the second highest mark in the college (88/135) and for Mr McNally to whom the pupils and I are indebted for his flawless and cheerful organisation of mathematical competitions at Marlborough.

Owen Elton
Head of Mathematics

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