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Review: Professor Peter Barham

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Professor Barham kindly presented to us a talk regarding penguins across the world, and how he has involved himself in many a different task that has benefited penguins’ lives. He started off by providing us all with the necessary background information on each species of penguins and more... More »

Review: Professor Jean Michel Massing

Category: Speakers

The History of Art Society - Wednesday 4th February 2015 “Dürer, Astrology and the Apocalypse” Professor Jean Michel Massing, (Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge and Chair of the Department of History of Art, Cambridge University)It was a very great honour for Marlborough’s History of Art... More »

Review: Dr Jack Gormley

Category: Speakers

It was a very great pleasure to welcome back Jack Gormley (TU 1998-2002) to be the inaugural speaker of the newly founded Medical Society. Discussing his journey from school boy to surgical Registrar in Ophthalmology, Jack gave an engaging, and at times humorous, insight into gaining admission to... More »

Review: Daniel Hannan

Category: Speakers

On Thursday 5th February the Shell and Remove were treated to a master class in the art of public speaking. Daniel Hannan (BH 1984-89), the MEP for the South East of England, journalist and author is a renowned rhetorician whose coruscating attack on Gordon Brown as the ‘devalued Prime Minister of... More »

Review: Ian Anthony

Category: Speakers, General, Events

Ian Anthony - Formerly of the Foreign Office 'Is Iran a nuclear threat?' The Politics Society was very fortunate to be able to host Ian Anthony through his connections with Jonathan Genton. His presentation on Iran's potential as a nuclear threat, was delivered as an "interrupted talk"... More »

Review: Swayne O'Pie

Category: Speakers, General, Events

On Thursday 29 January, the Politics Society hosted the controversial equality feminist Swayne O'Pie.He came to explain why he thinks men have been mistakenly blamed for all society's ills whilst women have been cast as victims and afforded preferential treatment. His presentation outlined how... More »

Review: Dr Hester Vaizey

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

On Friday 30th January, the German Department hosted a talk by Dr Hester Vaizey, a Fellow and Lecturer in Modern German History at Clare College, Cambridge. Her topic was “Born in the GDR: Living in the Shadow of the Wall”. She published a book of the same title in October 2014. Dr Vaizey spoke to... More »

Review: Dr Daniel Swift

Category: Academic, General, Speakers

On Tuesday 27th January, the Marlborough College Literary Society welcomed Dr Daniel Swift, a senior lecturer at the New College of Humanities to speak about Hamlet. Revenge tragedies are generally defined by their endings, yet Dr Swift began his talk by arguing that with Shakespeare, the ending... More »

Adolescent Mental Health Talk

Category: Community, Speakers, General

On Friday 16th January, pupils in the Hundred attended a presentation on Adolescent Mental Health, given by Dick Moore. Not very fresh from the rigours of the mock examination timetable, and less than an hour after the completion of Physics iGCSE mock, the Hundreds did not quite know what to... More »

Review: Michael Morpurgo

Category: Speakers

“I am a war baby.” Michael Morpurgo, born 1943, grew up in post-war Britain. From the physical manifestations of shattered buildings, through to the silent, unspoken grief of his mother, and a lone photograph of Uncle Peter on his mantelpiece (shot down in the RAF aged 21), he described his... More »

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