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Review: Professor Ian Beckett

Category: Speakers, General

The History Society welcomed Professor Ian Beckett of the University of Kent on Tuesday 18th November to speak on the topic of ‘Britain in the Great War: A Nation In Arms’. Beckett, as an eminent military historian and academic, has published several titles on this topic, including ‘A Nation in... More »

Speaker: Dr Catherine Whistler

Category: Speakers, Art, Events

The History of Art Society welcomed Dr Catherine Whistler from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford on Wednesday evening. Dr Whistler is Keeper of Western Art at the Ashmolean, and is also a Fellow of St John's College. Oxford. She spoke to our students about her role as chief curator of one of Britain's... More »

Review: Tim Harrison

Category: Speakers, Academic

The entire Shell yeargroup, joined by pupils for Cheam, Pinewood and St Francis Prep Schools, enjoyed a fascinating, engaging and exciting lecture demonstration in the Memorial Hall presented by Tim Harrison from the University of Bristol. The School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, is a... More »

Review: Chris Lucas

Category: Speakers

On Wednesday 15th October we were lucky enough to welcome Chris Lucas, a postgraduate student from Bristol University to the College.  He talked to us about his work at the Large Hadron Collider and the experiment that he is working on there.  Chris took us through some of the theory of... More »

Review: Dr Miriam Manook

Category: Academic, General, Speakers

The first speaker of the year for the Biology Society was Dr. Miriam Manook (EL 2007-09) whose subject was "Transplantation – the final medical frontier".  Dr Manook works at Guy’s Hospital in London where she is actively involved in both kidney and pancreas transplants.  To... More »

Review: William Dalrymple

Category: Speakers

“Imagine yourself…” he began, instantly putting us into the shoes of a British merchant in Afghanistan in the early nineteenth century... We were drawn into the story, narrated through the moments before this man would obtain a single piece of information that would, in Mr Dalrymple’s words, change... More »

History of Art Society: Professor Shearer West

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

The History of Art Society was greatly honoured to be addressed by Professor Shearer West on Monday 6th October. Professor West is the Head of the Humanities Division at Oxford University, a Fellow of Magdalen College, and a former professor in the History of Art at the University of Birmingham.... More »

Speaker: Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Category: Speakers, General, Events

On Thursday evening the Politics Society was greatly honoured to host Professor Vernon Bogdanor, former Vice-Principal at Brasenose College, Oxford and eminent constitutional expert (as well as former tutor to the Prime Minister). Commissioned to share his views on whether single party governments... More »

Speaker: Dr Usama Hasan

Category: Speakers, General, Events

A packed Garnett Room sat enraptured by Dr Usama Hasan, as he told of his conversion from Islamic fanatic to his present role as senior researcher at the Quilliam Foundation, a counter extremism think tank. Radicalised as a young student in the 1980s when the former USSR invaded Afghanistan, Dr... More »

History Society Talk: The English Civil War

Category: Speakers, General

On Tuesday 17th September, Dr Jo Paul from the New College of the Humanities in London came to the Senior History Society to give a very insightful talk about the clash of political ideas in the English Civil War.At the society she showed how ideas hugely influenced the outbreak of war, which was... More »

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