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Review: Rob Oxley

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Rob Oxley - Why are some Pressure Groups more successful than others? The Politics Society hosted Rob Oxley, formerly the communications director of the Taxpayers Alliance and now working for Business for Britain. His visit to Marlborough on Thursday 5th March saw him explain why some Pressure... More »

Review: Melanie Gow

Category: Speakers

Melanie Gow, the most impressive photo-journalist and published author, very kindly came to the College to address the audience gathered for the final Sunday Evening Talk of the academic year on Sunday 15th March. Her theme was literally a well-trodden one for her, but one which she nonetheless... More »

Review: Professor Sir Hew Strachan

Category: Speakers

The History Society was honoured to welcome Professor Sir Hew Strachan, a fellow at All Souls College, Oxford on Thursday 12th March. He gave a talk about the origins of the First World War and in particular how what could have been a local war escalated into a worldwide conflict. He divided the... More »

Review: Baroness Cox

Category: Speakers, General, Community

The Master was delighted to host the Annual Lecture of the Marlborough Brandt Group in the Memorial Hall last Thursday. MBG has grown and sustained a developmental partnership since 1981 between the community of Marlborough and that of the Gunjur in the Gambia. On this occasion Baroness Cox,... More »

The Revd Andrew Studdert-Kennedy

Category: Speakers

The Rector of Marlborough, The Revd Andrew Studdert-Kennedy (C3 1972-76) enthralled and challenged a large crowd of Marlburians gathered at the Sunday Evening Talk on Sunday 8th March. Andrew chose to speak about the life and pastoral theology of his grandfather, The Revd Geoffrey Studdert-Kennedy... More »

Review: Dr Ben Pilgrim

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Dr Ben Pilgrim, Fellow of Corpus Christi, Cambridge 'The Chemistry of Water' Dr Pilgrim commenced with a history and the significance of water – why is it so important? He found answers in the abundance, and chemical quirks, of this most fundamental of molecules, and in particular the curious... More »

Review: Dr Simon Hall

Category: Speakers, General, Events

On Friday of last week Dr Simon Hall came from the University of Bristol in order to deliver a talk regarding Complex Functional Materials – in this case, so-called superconductors.In particular he explained to us the extreme importance of finding a superconductor that could operate at, or near,... More »

Review: Professor Peter Barham

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Professor Barham kindly presented to us a talk regarding penguins across the world, and how he has involved himself in many a different task that has benefited penguins’ lives. He started off by providing us all with the necessary background information on each species of penguins and more... More »

Review: Professor Jean Michel Massing

Category: Speakers

The History of Art Society - Wednesday 4th February 2015 “Dürer, Astrology and the Apocalypse” Professor Jean Michel Massing, (Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge and Chair of the Department of History of Art, Cambridge University)It was a very great honour for Marlborough’s History of Art... More »

Review: Dr Jack Gormley

Category: Speakers

It was a very great pleasure to welcome back Jack Gormley (TU 1998-2002) to be the inaugural speaker of the newly founded Medical Society. Discussing his journey from school boy to surgical Registrar in Ophthalmology, Jack gave an engaging, and at times humorous, insight into gaining admission to... More »

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