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Big Politics Quiz

Category: Events, Speakers

On the evening of Thursday 20th March, Mr Gow and Dr Burns hosted the ‘Big Politics Quiz’ for sixth-form Politics students, many of whom had already spent a tiring but successful afternoon playing football away at Worcester and Sherborne. Stalwarts such as Will Stewart (C1 U6), Tom Rivett-Carnac... More »

Anthropology Society Debate

Category: General, Events, Speakers

The second event for the fledgling Anthropology Society took place in the Garnett Room on Thursday 6th March.The motion of the debate, designed to provoke an intense reaction, was ‘This House believes that single-sex schools are good for education’. The teams consisted of both Beaks and students,... More »

Review: The Monarch of Wit

Category: Drama, Speakers

Stephen Siddall’s lecture on John Donne was both contextually fascinating and thought-provoking. He transformed the poems that we had read into live aural pieces whilst highlighting the spontaneity of Donne’s word choices, enabling us to imagine how they might have been written and received instead... More »

Pietro da Cortona and the Barberini Ceiling

Category: Speakers

Dr Thomas Frangenberg, Reader in History of Art at the University of Leicester and one of Britain's leading experts on Baroque Rome, addressed a packed meeting of the College History of Art Society on Wednesday 5th March on the subject of 'Pietro da Cortona and the Barberini Ceiling'. He gave a... More »

Politics and International Society

Category: Speakers

The Politics Society has hosted three speakers in the first half of this term all of whom have addressed important areas of the syllabus. Dr Yvan Guichaoua, a lecturer in International Relations at the University of East Anglia, gave a thought provoking presentation on why some countries are... More »

Eva Clarke - A Holocaust Survivor

Category: Speakers

It is becoming an increasingly rare opportunity to witness a talk by a survivor of the “most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world” – the holocaust, as was said by Sir Winston Churchill. On Thursday 30th January, Mrs Eva Clarke gave the Junior History Society a recount of... More »

Lord Turner

Category: Speakers

On January 30th Lord Turner of Ecchinswell, Senior Fellow at the Institute of New Economic Thinking and former Chairman of the FSA and Committee on Climate Change (amongst other prestigious roles), addressed the Economics Society in the Garnett Room. Introduced by Sasha Demidoff (CO U6), Lord... More »

The Chatwin Colloquium

Category: Speakers

The Chatwin Colloquium17 and 18 January 2014This colloquium, marking the 25th anniversary of Bruce Chatwin’s OM (B2 1952-58) death, conveyed a greater understanding of his remarkable legacy.All three speakers explored his life and writings with the desire to enlighten, and the audience of Lower... More »

Britain in Afghanistan – A talk by Charlie Leigh

Category: Speakers

"There is no doubt that this was one of the best talks I have ever attended at the College." Harry Keville (TU, U6) on 'Britain in Afghanistan', a talk by Charlie Leigh. From the very beginning of the talk Mr Leigh had the audience engrossed and excited, partly because he opened the talk... More »

Gods, Devils and Alcohol

Category: Speakers

Dr Peter Wothers, Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge and a Fellow and Director of Studies in Chemistry at St Catharine’s College, was invited to visit Marlborough on Tuesday 27th January.Dr Wothers, who aside from lecturing to Natural Science undergraduates at... More »

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