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Review: Tim Oakley

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Mr Tim Oakley, father of Claire (LI 1999-01) and Sophie Oakley (LI 2001-03), gave a talk for Geographers in the Memorial Hall on Thursday 22nd September. The talk, for pupils in the Remove and Hundred, was on his Royal Geographical Society-sponsored 2016 heroic replication of Roald Amundsen’s epic... More »

Review: Gerard Evenden

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

The History of Art Society at Marlborough College was honoured to be addressed by expert architect Gerard Evenden in a talk entitled "Designing Canary Wharf Underground Station."Mr Evenden, senior executive partner of Foster & Partners Architects, masterminded construction of the... More »

Review: Mound Trust Lecture

Category: Speakers, General

The annual Mound Trust Lecture took place in Ellis Theatre on the evening of Monday 12th September. This year the annual mound lecture was brought to us by Brian Dix who spoke “of Snails and Toads; Archaeology of Mounts and Grottoes”.Mr Brian Dix is an expert in Garden Archaeology and has held... More »

Gerard Evenden

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Gerard Evenden, Senior Partner from Foster & Partners, Architects, and project leader of many famous international architectural landmarks visited Marlborough on Wednesday 14th September. He gave a talk to pupils and his theme was his leading role in the design of the Canary Wharf Underground... More »

Review: Professor Peter Atkins

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Professor Peter Atkins delivered a lecture on Tuesday 10th May on how scientific discovery in the 19th century led to the world we see today - think of Faraday, Maxwell, Darwin. It is often forgotten that the Victorian era held some of the greatest scientific discoveries which allowed science to... More »

Review: Paul Chapman

Category: Speakers, General

It was a huge pleasure for both the Politics and History of Art Societies to host Paul Chapman, nationally renowned Art Historian and permanent curator of the Longford Castle art collection. Paul was invited to share his expertise on Art in Politics and to explain the relationship between these two... More »

Review: Jeremy Hunter

Category: Speakers, General

Earlier this term the Politics Society was privileged to host a visiting lecture on "Life inside North Korea" by photojournalist and former TV documentary maker Jeremy Hunter. Armed with numerous high quality slides depicting many different aspects of the strange world inside the hermit... More »

Review: Jeremy Thomas

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

'Sanity in an Insane World' - Jeremy Thomas talks to the U6 On Wednesday 27th April we had the privilege of hearing Jeremy Thomas speak about his experience with bipolar disorder, addressing the subject in an informative and light-hearted way. One of the most engaging aspects of this talk was that... More »

Review: Dr Alessandro Mottura

Category: Speakers, General

Birmingham University’s Dr Alessandro Mottura, a Lecturer in Physical Metallurgy, visited Marlborough to speak about Science and Engineering on Thursday 21st April.He studied Engineering at Imperial College, London, before moving to UCSB to carry out his post-doctoral research. He now specializes... More »

Review: Ione Wells

Category: Speakers

Martha Cotterell (CO L6), Tatiana Farquhar (NC L6) and Lottie Brousse (MO L6) review the Personal Safety talk by Ione Wells (EL 2008-13), held on Wednesday 20th April, as part of the Upper Sixth programme...An evening out. A few drinks. Catching the last tube home. A short walk. You turn onto your... More »

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