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Review: Jeremy Hunter

Category: Speakers

On 19th April 2016, Marlborough College was lucky enough to welcome Jeremy Hunter to give a presentation regarding his 10-day expedition to North Korea in 2011. Hunter is a world-renowned photojournalist who has captured images exploring the lives and cultures all around the world. His successful... More »

Review: Ione Wells

Category: Speakers

On Wednesday the Upper Sixth had the pleasure of listening to Old Marlburian Ione Wells (EL 2007-2013) speak on the topic of personal safety. Ione was the subject of an assault in April last year, which took place on the very street where she lives in London. As a result, she has taken a keen... More »

Review: Professor Geoff Quilley

Category: Speakers

On the first full evening of term, Professor Quilley, an expert on British Art of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and former Curator of Paintings at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, addressed the History of Art Society on the subject of Art and Empire. Professor Quilley explained... More »

Review: The Lent Event

Category: Community, Speakers, General

Daf Meirion-Jones (PR 1983-88) was a student at Marlborough in the 1980s.  After leaving school, he captained the England schoolboys’ rugby team, studied Geography at Cambridge University, taught at Wellington College and was then ordained as a priest in the Church of England.  At the end... More »

History Department Events

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Any impartial, unbiased, and balanced historical view of the History Department’s events this term would find it necessary to acknowledge that we were extremely fortunate to be visited by two most impressive and interesting speakers, Professor Robert Tombs (from Cambridge) and Jonathan Parish (from... More »

Speaker: Professor Robert Winston

Category: Speakers

Professor Robert Winston delivered the inaugural Medawar Lecture on Tuesday 1st March, marking the 101st year since Nobel Laureate, Peter Medawar’s (B2 1928-32) birth. Winston was a fitting choice, given the biological foundations both of his own and Medawar’s work. Winston referred to Medawar... More »

Review: Rory Knight Bruce

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

So how do you get ahead in journalism?  We were fortunate enough to have Rory Knight Bruce come to the College to talk about the profession and his career. Mr Knight Bruce has had a varied career writing for a number of newspapers and magazines, including Country Life and the Evening... More »

Review: Dr Kevin Lin OBE

Category: Academic, Speakers, General

Last Friday night, Marlborough had the honour of hosting Dr Kevin Lin OBE, the founder of KL Communications and a world specialist in Chinese and English interpreting. Dr Lin is the lead interpreter for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and has acted as interpreter for Her Majesty the Queen and... More »

Review: Dr Catriona Murray

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Art in the Service of Power: Representation and Reality in the Tudor and Stuart Courts The History of Art Society was delighted to welcome Dr Catriona Murray, from the Department of Art History at the University of Edinburgh, on Wednesday 24th February. Dr Murray had made the long journey from... More »

OM visits Literary Society

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Claire Lowdon (MO 1998-2003) spoke in Adderley to an appreciative Literary Society audience about the writing of her first novel, Left of the Bang, which one reviewer has called 'the definitive novel of a generation of Londoners'.  Her talk, on Tuesday evening, about the craft of writing was... More »

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