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Review: Dr Kevin Lin OBE

Category: Academic, Speakers, General

Last Friday night, Marlborough had the honour of hosting Dr Kevin Lin OBE, the founder of KL Communications and a world specialist in Chinese and English interpreting. Dr Lin is the lead interpreter for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and has acted as interpreter for Her Majesty the Queen and... More »

Review: Dr Catriona Murray

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Art in the Service of Power: Representation and Reality in the Tudor and Stuart Courts The History of Art Society was delighted to welcome Dr Catriona Murray, from the Department of Art History at the University of Edinburgh, on Wednesday 24th February. Dr Murray had made the long journey from... More »

OM visits Literary Society

Category: Speakers, Academic, General

Claire Lowdon (MO 1998-2003) spoke in Adderley to an appreciative Literary Society audience about the writing of her first novel, Left of the Bang, which one reviewer has called 'the definitive novel of a generation of Londoners'.  Her talk, on Tuesday evening, about the craft of writing was... More »

Review: Dick Moore

Category: Speakers

In the week that the government renewed its commitment to support early mental health diagnosis and intervention, as well as increased funding and research, Dick Moore once again visited the College to speak to the Hundred. The subject of his talk: “Dancing, not Drowning, in the Rain”, encouraged... More »

Review: Dr Janneke Blokland

Category: Speakers, General, Academic

Dr Janneke Blokland gave a talk on 'Particle Physics in a Nutshell' on Tuesday 9th February, aimed at the Sixth Form and budding Hundred studying Physics. Having looked at our course specification, she aimed to solidify and expand upon the material we will cover on very basic quantum physics – she... More »

Review: Eamonn Gearon & Harriet Baldwin MP

Category: Speakers

The Politics Society has hosted two speakers in the first half of term. The first saw the return of Eamonn Gearon, a leading world expert in Middle Eastern affairs who last visited the College in 2011 to speak on the Arab Spring. This time he continued the narrative by explaining why the... More »

Review: Emma Cole

Category: Speakers

Upper School received a talk about HIV from Positive Voice activist Emma Cole on Thursday 4th February. Emma Cole was diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and she has chosen to speak publicly about living with HIV for over 24 years. She spoke openly and frankly about her diagnosis and the enormous impact it... More »

Review: Leon McCarron

Category: Academic, General, Speakers

Leon McCarron, adventurer and filmmaker, gave two thoroughly inspiring and thought-provoking Geography Society lectures to nearly 500 pupils on Thursday 21st January on recent Iranian and Chinese journeys. He spoke about his 2014 five-week Iranian journey along the Karun river, from the snowy... More »

Review: The Chemistry of Wine

Category: Academic, General, Speakers

Mr Luke Bartlett is Head of Science at Uppingham School. He came to Marlborough on Tuesday to give a talk on The Chemistry of Wine. After briefly introducing himself he posed the question ‘Was wine discovered or invented?’ He suggested that it was discovered. Such is the nature of the sugary juice... More »

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