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The first talk of the year was given by Dr. Ruth Tingay who spoke on the subject of "Eagle Research and Conservation around the World". 

Dr Tingay opened by describing the characteristic features of eagles and she explained how the International Union for Conservation of Nature categorises species according to the degree to which they are threatened.  She then went on to describe the fieldwork which she has carried out in order to investigate the status of the Madagascar fish eagle, the Pallas' sea eagle in Mongolia and the Grey-headed fish eagle (pictured) in Cambodia. 

The audience was left in no doubt as to the challenges involved in carrying out surveys in such remote and inaccessible areas of the world.  Finally, Dr. Tingay brought the subject of conservation closer to home by examining the threats to raptors posed by gamekeepers on the grouse moors of Northern England and Scotland. This year only one hen harrier bred in England and the survival of this species in Britain is very much in the balance.


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