Review: Tim Harrison

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Tim Harrison – University of Bristol, School of Chemistry

(A HEFCE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL))

Our friend and colleague Tim Harrison, delivered this year’s Christmas Chemistry Lecture entitled ‘Gases in the Air’ to an excited audience in the Memorial Hall of our own Shell, together with visitors from St Francis, Cheam and Pinewood Prep Schools and pupils from our near neighbours The Commonweal School and Swindon Academy.

Pitching the chemical theory expertly to the assembled Year 6 – Year 9 pupils, Tim highlighted the chemical properties and reactivity of the gases in our atmosphere, illustrating the talk with all of the explosive energy expected of a chemistry lecture, to the great delight of the audience.

Our next encounter with Tim and his colleagues will be in January, when our Lower Sixth Chemists will visit the undergraduate laboratories at Bristol University for a day of advanced experimental work – an outstanding and memorable opportunity for young scientists closely aligned to their studies.

Dr Garry Doyle

Head of Science

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