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With a busy summer preparing profiles, pupil data, new systems and training plans ahead the start of term has been an exciting time for the Strength and Conditioning department. There have also been two new additions of staff to the team enabling wholesale implementation of S&C throughout the school.
The Strength and Conditioning team’s first contact was with the 1st and 2nd squad rugby squads - working alongside the Master in Charge of Rugby Budge Pountney - to deliver a high quality and professional pre-season camp for the pupils. The pre-season training involved a variety of conditioning games and tasks for the boys, one of the highlights of it being the military style stretcher challenge which was set out to be extremely gruelling (thanks to WO1 S J Bate, Contingent Commander and School Staff Instructor). The challenge required the teams to carry a loaded stretcher while racing against other teams around an unforgiving course in the terrain around and above the athletics track. This gave the boys an opportunity to show their grit and determination as a team. Long days and early mornings were the norm throughout the week as the boys were in for early morning conditioning, gym-based sessions, pitch sessions and pool recovery sessions late into the evening.
The 1st XV and 2nd XV squad rugby teams were the first to experience the new physical analysis protocol that will be used across the sporting teams.  A six-week S&C block is currently being implemented into the PE curriculum for Shell and Remove.
Using the new specialist equipment provided by the College, jump, sprint and power data will be recorded, thus allowing us to highlight key areas of physical development, injury risk and improvement in performance. This data allows the pupils progressed to be tracked throughout the year and their time at the College, with areas requiring improvement to be highlighted and normative values to be formulated.
Another aspect the S&C team has been focusing on is the support for the sports scholars. The scholars have been allocated a sporting mentor and an S&C coach for the year and during meetings the scholars have been tasked with writing down their goals for improvement in aspects of athletic performance, nutrition, sport and education. Hopefully these aims will come to fruition over the coming year with the guidance of the mentors and the hard work of the scholars.
The final area of preparation for the S&C team was the delivery of pre-match warm-up routines on Saturday for the 1st XV rugby and 1st XI hockey squads designed to prepare and prime the athletes for the coming games. Over the next few months  we hope to continue working with the coaches and players to create ‘The Marlborough College Warm Up’.
Overall it has been a busy but exciting time for the department, laying the foundations for the programme to build for the future and improve the athletic capabilities of Marlborough College.
James Davies
Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach

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