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Art School Trip to Madrid

Category: Trips

Eliza Edwards (EL L6) and Charlotte Flatischler (NC L6) review the Art School trip to Madrid...On arrival, our moods were immediately lifted, after an early start, by the bright, clear sky and the flamboyant friendliness of the locals. We only had to step out of our central hotel to visit the... More »

Russian Department Trip to Yaroslavl

Category: Trips

The travelling contingent contained 25 pupils made up of ten Remove, nine Hundred, four Lower Sixth and two Upper Sixth. We spent six days in Yaroslavl, which is about five hours drive north of Moscow, and one day in Moscow at the end of the week, staying in a hostel.Pupils stayed with families... More »

Santiago de Compostela Exchange

Category: Trips

The U6 Spanish Exchange recently visited the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela. Our partner school is the Colegio Manuel Peleteiro, a private day/boarding school with the best exam results in the north-west of Spain. A week was spent attending lessons and participating in various activities... More »

L6 Chemistry Trip to Bristol University

Category: Trips

49 Lower Sixth A level and IB Diploma pupils travelled to the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, on Wednesday 12th February.The trip saw pupils gain experience in carrying out advanced experimental work in the department’s inspirational state-of-the art undergraduate teaching... More »

Remove French Exchange

Category: Trips

The Remove French returned recently after an excellent exchange visit to our sister school Collège Notre-Dame-de-Bury in northern Paris. The 19 Remove pupils have benefited hugely from the experience, rising to many challenges - not just the linguistic ones of coping with a range of school subjects... More »

Philosophy of Religion and Ethics Conference

Category: Trips

Julie Arliss’ Academy Conferences for school students doing A level and Pre-U in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics are renowned as excellent days out to stretch the mind of both staff and students alike by engaging them in cutting edge thinking. Our Upper Sixth Pre-U Theology and Philosophy... More »

Review: Visit to Lloyds

Category: Trips

On Tuesday 14th January, twenty one pupils and recent OMs were invited to a careers event at the prestigious Lloyds Building.Whilst there, we were assigned to either a broker or an underwriter to shadow for the day and to get the feel of what life is like working in the insurance market. The wide... More »

Review: USA Concerts

Category: Trips

Review for concerts given at Shawnee Playhouse and the Kosciuszko Foundation, New York City, by Marlborough College Music Scholars...The highlight of the Music Scholars’ trip to the USA during the half-term holiday of the Michaelmas Term 2013 was the recital at the Shawnee Playhouse and at the... More »

Politics trip to Cuba

Category: Trips

For a week over half-term, thirty A level Politics students and five Beaks set off to Cuba to find out first-hand how one of the very last countries with a socialist infrastructure has managed to survive. The trip itinerary included visits to key sights right across the 1,000 mile wide... More »

Half-Term CCF Trip to San Diego

Category: CCF, Trips

San Diego. Scholars maintain the translation was lost centuries ago. To us though, San Diego means a great deal. The trip comprised of eight U6 cadets as well as Captain Randle (Contingent Commander), Captain ‘The Doctor’ Doyle and the RSM (Mr Bate). The motel accommodation was basic but... More »

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