Review: Physics Trip to CERN

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Day 1

We woke up at 4.00am, excited to see CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research which specializes in fundamental physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works.  After ariving in Geneva we quickly found our way to the hostel, dropped our luggage off and headed out to meet our city tour guide. The tour was very interesting and we all learnt a lot about the great city of Geneva and saw many of the famous sites, like the Jet d'eau. We had dinner at a Swiss restaurant accompanied by a live band with some very different instruments including a six feet long horn. 

Oliver Ordish (PR U6) and Charlie Phillips (PR U6)

Day 2

Our second day in Geneva started with a lecture outlining the physics and economic factors behind CERN’s creation. We then had the opportunity to see the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector; a magnificent feat of engineering. We were all struck by the huge scale of this detector as there is nothing else like it in the world. However, despite the deep and intricate physics at play within CERN, at the simplest of levels we were amused by the the sticky floor mats to remove dust from our shoes. 

We were also shown an interesting projection of the particle physics at play in one of the older detectors. This projection was very useful as It brought the particle physics to life and helped our deeper understanding. 

After a lunch in the restaurant at CERN, our next stop was the Swiss Plasma centre. This was a fascinating place as our tour guide was able to advance our understanding of the development of fusion power as a possible energy source in the future. We then visited the impressive Rolex Learning Centre for a quick drink before going back to the coach.

We finished the day with a relaxing few games of bowling, where Mr Allen showed himself to be a pro. 

Simran Chowdhry (LI U6), Isabella Nicholson (SU U6), Molly Gibbins (CO U6), Veronika Stadnik (LI U6) and Serena Slatter (IH U6)


Day 3 

After a quick, early and continental breakfast the day commenced with a short history of Geneva. Unfortunately, the boat trip was cancelled due to the wind so we visited the Jardin Anglais instead, from where we set out to see the History of Science Museum. Once everyone had had their fill of science for the day we proceeded to make our way to the airport, going back to the hostel for the last time, picking up our bags before our flight home.

Angus Tudsbery (B1 U6), Christopher Linyard-Tough (B1 U6) and Alexander Rowe (B1 U6)

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