Chemists visit the University of Bristol

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Lower Sixth Chemists visited the Chemistry department at the University of Bristol on Wednesday 7th February, having a bespoke introduction to the life of an undergraduate scientist at one of the UK’s leading universities. 

A popular choice for OMs, the University of Bristol has strong links with the College. The visit earlier this week, was the third of this academic year, with the College’s Upper Sixth Chemists and the top band Hundred Chemists visiting earlier in the year. On each occasion, the students involved were able to work in the undergraduate labs, under the watchful guidance of some of the university’s  postgraduate team to complete an appropriately chosen  stretch-and-challenge experimental assessment. 

Our Lower Sixth Chemists completed a practical based on the Dehydration of methylcyclohexanol, and were able to access both an experimental set up and follow-on analytical techniques that cannot be replicated in any school environment. For those thinking of following a scientific based course at University, the experience is quite unique and was certainly pause for thought for the Lower Sixth, who will shortly be considering their UCAS applications. 

Cathy Walsh
Head of Chemistry

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