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British Physics Olympiad Results

Category: Pupil Achievements

The British Physics Olympiad aims to encourage the study of Physics and recognise excellence in young physicists in a national competition. Every question is a real challenge and over 1,800 students took part.We congratulate our Upper Sixth pupils who entered. Bronze medalWey Jin Chan (C2... More »

Harold 'Tich' Radford Rosebowl Tournament

Category: Sport

The Marlborough Courtiers will be holding the Harold “Tich” Radford Rosebowl Tournament on Saturday 10th January at the College. The squash tournament is open to all OMs, pupils and there should be several Common Room entrants as well.The tournament will take place in the College courts with a 2.15... More »

Netball training

Category: Sport, General

Pre-season Netball training for the U14s, U16s and 1st team takes place on Tuesday 6th January. The training will take place in the Sports Hall with an 11.30am start time. The Lent Term will officially begin at College at 9pm on Tuesday. More »

World Christmas Jumper Day

Category: Community

On Friday 12th December, pupils took part in World Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. Pupils and staff were invited to wear a Christmas Jumper and make a donation to Save the Children, which raised a total of £150.Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day saw its third year this year... More »

Foodbank collection

Category: Community, General, Events

Following the amazing success of last year’s collection for the Devizes and Swindon Foodbank, we set our pupils the challenge of helping even more local people in crisis this Christmas. Foodbanks are excellent, rapidly growing and local charities that we can support in a more rewarding way than by... More »

Review: Michaelmas Illumination 2014

Category: Drama

The Michaelmas Term 2014 Illumination was shrouded in controversy; it was on a Saturday Night. Would the hordes of Sixth Form sacrifice their pub trips and Malburian shenanigans to come and watch? Those who did were not disappointed. The crowd were anxious to see the new heads of Illumination in... More »

Review: Christmas Carol Services

Category: Music, Community, Events, General

It takes some strength to sing a carol service or two, but four in three days is just about the limit, so congratulations then to the Choir, PAJH and IGC et al for triumphing in this marathon performance weekend.The Choir have come a long way under Mr Hodgkinson: the stalls are full, there’s a feel... More »

Review: The Roaring Girl

Category: Drama, General, Events

Jane Darby’s production of The Roaring Girl was a hilarious romp through Jacobean gender politics reset in the underground cauldron of blurred lines; The False Tails bar in central London, 2014. Leila Tinne (LI U6) in the title role was a genuine enigma; leather clad, hair in dreadlocks and... More »

Review: Michael Morpurgo

Category: Speakers

“I am a war baby.” Michael Morpurgo, born 1943, grew up in post-war Britain. From the physical manifestations of shattered buildings, through to the silent, unspoken grief of his mother, and a lone photograph of Uncle Peter on his mantelpiece (shot down in the RAF aged 21), he described his... More »

NSPCC Number Day

Category: Community

On Tuesday 2nd December the entire Lower School took part in a competitive mathematical fundraising event for the NSPCC in Norwood Hall.  The Shell started the day off competing in House teams on a series of challenges and puzzles.  It was an impressive sight watching whole year groups... More »

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