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County Championships

Category: Sport

Marlborough riders made their mark on Sunday 24th April with a series of successes across the region. Marlborough finished in third place in Sunday’s County Championships with Nell Hargrove (IH Re), Imo Brook (MM Re), Innes Casini (MM Re) and Daisy Mitford-Slade (MM Re) finishing third in the 1m... More »

London Exhibitions

Category: General, Academic, Trips

History of Art students in the Lower Sixth took the chance to catch on Thursday 21st April three important exhibitions currently showing in London. The first is the "Botticelli Reimagined" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the second, the "In the Age of Giorgione"... More »

Cricket: Mark Alleyne

Category: Sport

Former England international Mark Alleyne is in his first term as Cricket Professional and here he outlines his thoughts on pre-season training, developing players and aims for the future... Having done around 30 pre-seasons in this country, the weather has been quite typical! We did have some... More »

Report: National Hockey Finals

Category: Sport, General, Hockey

The Colts 1st XI Hockey team claimed fourth place at the U16 Nationals Finals, held over Wednesday and Thursday at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on the Olympic Park.The team got off to the best possible start, edging a closely contested game against Reed’s 2-1 on Wednesday morning, with... More »

Review: Ione Wells

Category: Speakers

Martha Cotterell (CO L6), Tatiana Farquhar (NC L6) and Lottie Brousse (MO L6) review the Personal Safety talk by Ione Wells (EL 2008-13), held on Wednesday 20th April, as part of the Upper Sixth programme...An evening out. A few drinks. Catching the last tube home. A short walk. You turn onto your... More »

Review: Jeremy Hunter

Category: Speakers

On 19th April 2016, Marlborough College was lucky enough to welcome Jeremy Hunter to give a presentation regarding his 10-day expedition to North Korea in 2011. Hunter is a world-renowned photojournalist who has captured images exploring the lives and cultures all around the world. His successful... More »

Review: Super Sunday

Category: Community

Under glorious sunshine hundreds of members of the Marlborough College community converged on Court for the school's very own ‘Super Sunday’ - a jamboree of music, stalls and family fun.House rock groups went head-to-head in the 'Battle of the Bands', a chance for some of the school's musicians to... More »

Review: Ione Wells

Category: Speakers

On Wednesday the Upper Sixth had the pleasure of listening to Old Marlburian Ione Wells (EL 2007-2013) speak on the topic of personal safety. Ione was the subject of an assault in April last year, which took place on the very street where she lives in London. As a result, she has taken a keen... More »

Review: Battle of the Bands

Category: Music, General, Community

On Sunday 17th April I was lucky enough to be asked to judge the second annual Battle of the Bands inter-house competition.  I say lucky, because this really was a very well organised, well attended and slickly run affair, augmented by some early summer sunshine and an enthusiastic and... More »

Rugby Tonight Feature

Category: Sport, Rugby, General

Marlborough pupils appeared on BT Sport’s live rugby magazine show ‘Rugby Tonight’ on Monday 18th April. The young players were joined by Master in Charge of Rugby, Budge Pountney, himself a former Scotland captain, for the evening.It was a varied and entertaining edition with the boys assisting... More »

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