The Tempest

Category: General, Drama

This year the Shell play was an adaptation of The Tempest, a magnificent modernisation of one of Shakespeare's greatest plays which saw the action transposed to World War II. After missing their train to evacuate them to the countryside, a group of children find a mysterious book entitled The Tempest. From there, they are propelled into an adventure of magic, romance, jealousy, empathy and forgiveness.

The cast were exceptional, with notable performances by Jolyon Reid (C1) as Prospero, Georgia Vyvyan (MO) as Miranda, Owen Hargrove (LI) as Ariel and Tom Symington (BH) as Caliban. The music suited the performance perfectly, old-fashioned and haunting, helping to set the mood. The actors, production team and director should all be commended for such a magnificent and exciting performance. 

Jules Hughan (MM Sh)

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