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Librarian James Burton looks back on a busy term in the Memorial Library...

World Book Day 2017
Thursday 2nd March

This year, in partnership with the Modern Languages department, the Library hosted an internationally themed book buffet to celebrate World Book Day. Pupils and staff had the chance to sample finger foods from around the world, including macarons, strudel, borscht and the centre-piece: a towering croquembouche; all whilst browsing the works of authors from around the world.

The atmosphere was positively buzzing, encouraging Modern Language pupils to explore the works of writers from all over the globe. Huge congratulations goes to Hannah Biddle (MM U6) for winning Mr Brown’s notoriously tricky World Book Day quiz and an even bigger thank you to all those beaks and pupils who helped us celebrate books, authors, and the written word in a multitude of languages.

The World Book Day celebrations spilled over into the weeks preceding and following the day itself. Form classes had the chance to compete in an internationally themed book challenge, with the winner in each Form walking away with an Easter egg. Each Form battled fiercely but there can only be one overall champion, congratulations to Jack Sweeney (SU Sh) who managed to answer all but one question correctly and scored the highest number of points in his year group – quite the feat!

Harry Potter Book Night
Thursday 2nd February

Harry Potter, as it nears 20 years since its first publication, still captures the imagination of pupils and this year the Library decided to bring a little of the world of witchcraft and wizardry to Marlborough College.

Firstly, some bad news, House Slytherin won the Triwizard tournament, with Alice Wright (NC L6), Heloïse Wright (MO L6) and Anna Laakkonen (MO L6) raising the cup in victory – better luck next year Hufflepuff. Dancy House can be very proud of Natalia Howard (DA Sh), who won our ‘design a new House crest’ competition.

Archie Del Mar (B1 Sh) won our short story competition, penning a wonderful story featuring the dark and powerful wizard, Mr John Wright.

Harry Potter still holds the power to captivate pupils, from the youngest member of the Shell through to the Upper Sixth, may its magic continue to engage Marlburians in developing a life-long love of reading.

The Everest Challenge – Base Camp & The Summit

In September, the Library launched our new reading initiative – The Everest Challenge. This challenge asks pupils to read ten books from the Library over the course of a year, those who complete the challenge will be rewarded with a special end of year trip. So far, over 130 pupils have taken up the challenge and they have completed a total of 287 books!

Our most dedicated challengers, Alice Wright (NC L6), Anna Lakkonnen (MO L6), Sam Holden (CO Re) and Ella Hall (MM Re) have already completed the challenge and there are a number of pupils who are at least half-way through their 10 books.

James Burton
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