Russian Revolution in the Garnett

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On Thursday 30th November the History Department staged a 'Russian Revolution' in the Garnett Room, to celebrate the centenary of the original.

Highlights included Lenin/Mr Sandall's arrival in Petrograd, Rasputin/Mr Wright's dance to Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Mr Gistovsky's sneaky spying, Mr Nelson-Piercy's rendering of Zinoviev, Mrs Harris (as Anastasia) throwing flowers and doing a risk assessment for a firing squad, Mr Molyneux as Molynov the wretched peasant and Mr Blossom as the angry Worker Blossom. 

The whole chaotic thing was held together (in a manner of speaking) by the Holy Fool, Mr Moule. About 200 people were present, and the Garnett Room itself felt like a cauldron of revolution when everyone chanted 'Peace, Bread, Land'.

Christopher Moule
Head of History

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