This second half of term has seen some good days of coaching and enjoying the summer weather against the backdrop of Stonehenge.

Minus our exam-year players and we have had just the two external fixtures, which were both Schools and Universities Polo Association events.

The SUPA Senior Schools Nationals saw us take two teams to Longdole on 24th June. This event has usually been held at Kirtlington and was transferred to Longdole this year. Longdole as a venue is known for having its own microclimate – either boiling hot with no wind (rarely) or cold with wind. This year saw us have the latter, despite a week of sunshine and a reminder about sun cream in the previous days.

Having had both the SUPA Arena events in the Lent Term cancelled schools involved were just happy to have this event happen. Marlborough had two teams. Our team of Ben Barnes (C3 L6), Will Millar (C1 L6), Lucy Burgess (NC L6) and Ella Fanshawe (NC Re) came 3rd in the Intermediate section and out team of Gus Nathan (TU Hu), Jessica Kastner (DA Sh), Maria Pia Rubinelli (NC Sh) and Issey Price (NC Sh) came 3rd in the Novice. Ben and his team showed some good play under his captaincy, with Ben leading them well.

As ever, the divisions for players is a tricky thing and SUPA had done their best. Our Novice team found themselves up against more experienced players, but showed great sportsmanship and Gus and the team certainly welcomed the challenge with very positive parental support. Gus stepped up well to captain this team in this his exam term and has shown real commitment to the polo and travelled a long way to meet up with the other players.

Sunday 24th June saw just one player representing Marlborough at the SUPA Girls Championships. With the level of play more even, Jessica Kastner (DA Sh) had a fine day playing in the second SUPA team and certainly made the trip worthwhile. Playing at Novice level her team came 1st, playing four chukkas in all, winning against Heathfield and Lambrook.

With some excellent parental photos and the official photographers* we have a lot to remember from these days.

As ever I am grateful for the parental support, some of which has been exceptional this year. This can only bode well for the future. Druids Polo and Giles Ormerod our coach have continued to provide us with a high level of teaching with their stalwart support making polo at Marlborough happen as it does.

Felicity O’Sullivan
Mistress-in-Charge, Polo