Increasingly the core purpose of Chapel and the Chaplaincy is to provide a moment and a place of stillness in the hectic life of a full boarding school.

This is achieved in many ways.

  • Principally, by maintaining a building of such magnificence that it very often awes those who encounter it into silence and thoughtfulness

  • Equally, by the building being a place of gathering – for some constituency of the College community - most days of the week

  • Where music, preaching and liturgy will be of the highest calibre

  • And in turn by it being a place where life-affirming services are held and the sacraments of God are celebrated

  • A place for spirituality to be explored

The Revd T W G Novis

Stillness aside, the College Chaplain - The Revd T W G Novis - is available at all times to listen to students and staff who have a particular concern to share.

  • He offers preparation for Baptism for those who wish it and Confirmation for those who choose it

  • He works with the Catholic Chaplain and Catholic students to provide regular celebrations of the Mass

  • He encourages the weekly Christian Forum and the annual Lent Event

  • He advises those of other faiths and helps make provision for the maintenance of those faiths

  • He celebrates marriages for staff and Old Marlburians and Services of Thanksgiving for those who have entered the life of eternity

In these ways we seek to be a centre of stillness and a centre of service.