Medical Care

The Medical Centre

The Medical Centre (“Sani”) is staffed by nurses twenty-four hours each day. The College Medical Officer, Dr Richard Hook, or his deputy, Dr Abi Griffiths, run daily morning surgeries.

For all routine treatments and repeat prescriptions, pupils are encouraged to come to the Medical Centre at surgery times. Emergencies and sudden illnesses, on the other hand, can be dealt with at any time. “Off-games” chits can be issued at morning surgery.

Medication is given to pupils in labelled containers and it is their responsibility to take any such medicine as advised.

Medical Admissions

Admissions to the Medical Centre can be made for short term observation (“lying down”) for minor illnesses, or for longer term care. All long term admissions are notified to parents and HMs as soon as possible.

Hospital out-patient and other appointments are monitored by the Medical Centre and transport arranged by them.

New Pupils

All new pupils have a medical examination by a doctor during their first fortnight at the College.

Additional Services

Other services provided through the Medical Centre include: physiotherapy, immunisation, dental guards, paramedic cover at sports matches, counselling, psychiatric consultancy, health education.

Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Treatments

James Hatt and Associates are providers of Physiotherapy and Sports Injury treatments for all students at Marlborough College.

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Concussion Guidelines

Rugby: Please click here for return to play after concussion guidelines.

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