Sport is a key part of life for pupils at Marlborough College, but what makes sport at Marlborough so special?

There is a strong sense of history underpinning sport at the College; however, the top class coaches – and, increasingly, the facilities – make sport at Marlborough a really magical oxymoron: traditional and cutting edge.

Sport is believed to mirror society.  Walking the pitches, courts or track or passing the halls and pool, should tell you all you need to know about the community at Marlborough. Pupils represent the college with pride, passion and a collective spirit that is hard to describe, yet almost tangible on the sidelines.

Sport at Marlborough: straddling the past and the future, individual choices and challenges and a sense of pride representing your team.

The future…

With this ethos flowing through the programme, the next challenge is to make it ‘bespoke’ for the range of students – from the elite sportsman and woman, to the committed team player, to the students keen to improve their own fitness in a variety of ways. 

A challenging and creative fixtures programme, talented and committed coaches and a state of the art health and fitness suite opened in 2016 help us to meet this goal.

Katy Hudson
Director of Sport
Twitter: MCol_Sport

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