Mistress in charge: Miss A Hudson

A fast-paced, highly competitive, and increasingly popular Michelmas and Lent Term sport, lacrosse is a fully integrated part of the sporting programme at Marlborough.  The College fields five full girls' teams (competing at senior and junior levels), hosts an annual end of the season tournament, and has recently boasted of increasing success at the annual Lacrosse National Schools' Tournament.


There are four lacrosse pitches across various locations in the College grounds in the Michaelmas term and 7 during the Lent term. The main pitches are located centrally behind Mill Mead boarding house and, in the Lent Term, on the XV. In addition, the Sports Hall is used for indoor training.

Teams, Matches, Events

There is a full fixture list for two Upper School Open teams, as well as an U15 and U14 throughout the Michaelmas term. In the Lent term another Open team is added as well as an U14B team, bringing the total to six full squads.

The Open 1st and 2nd XII and the U15 and U14 XII enter the South West of England Tournament each year. Girls are regularly selected to represent the combined Wiltshire and Dorset County team. In 2013 a total of eight senior players were chosen for the U19 A and B teams as well as two junior players for the Under 15 A and B teams.

There have been recent lacrosse tours to America and Spain.

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