Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Development

Unlocking True Sporting Potential

With the introduction of our brand new state of the art performance centre and Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, James Davies, Marlborough College is now able to offer a unique sports programme that physically develops pupils to be top performers, by unlocking their genetic potential.

Strength and Conditioning for youth athletes is more important now than ever.

Our Key to Unlocking Sporting Potential

There is a vast difference between elite athletes of today compared to those from previous generations. The rules and objectives of the sport maybe similar, but the process undertaken to be the best are markedly different. There is a combination of technical and tactical skill, physical capacities and vast reserves of psychological and emotional strength.

To offer the best opportunity for success we incorporate all of these components in our programme.

The aims of our programme:

•    Physical Analysis to track physical performance
•    Develop Athleticism to support technical skill
•    Culture of Success
•    Bespoke Programming
•    High Performance Programming
•    Interdisciplinary Work 
•    Mental Resilience
•    Nutrition 

Our fully supported programme offers the best opportunity and support for students to develop themselves both mentally and physically, with our interdisciplinary approach offering a unique environment for learning, development and winning success on the field and in the classroom.

James Davies: Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach

James is our Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, with a sport science degree and internationally recognised qualifications and coaching experience.

Young athletes with whom he has worked have achieved Senior and Commonwealth team selection, and medal winning positions at European and World Championships across a very wide range of sporting disciplines. His coaching experience includes work with international teams and Olympic athletes.

With an in-depth knowledge of long term athlete development, he specialises in youth athlete physical development and his aim is to develop all Marlborough’s pupils to reach their sporting and athletic potential.