Legacy for Life

To promote the sense of belonging to a legacy for life through the Marlborough College Development Office.

To develop and increase endowment funds such that bursarial support to pupils can be enhanced, and the College’s vision of social inclusivity and wide opportunity can be advanced.

To communicate positively and actively, the progress, achievement and aspirations of individuals and the community, such that all members of the extended College community feel included, connected and mutually responsible for ongoing institutional success.


  • To promote Old Marlburian engagement by exploring opportunities to reconnect with peers and with the Marlborough of today.
  • Encourage and foster a wider culture of ‘giving’ and philanthropy. Build a sustainable pyramid of donor support that generates increased levels of regular giving, leading to major gifts designed to support immediate and future projects.
  • Always to remember the great benefits received at Marlborough and in time, according to means, to do everything possible to support the charitable aim of enabling others from all backgrounds to have the chance to enjoy the same advantage.
  • Open access – increase endowment so that many more pupils can be supported through bursaries and scholarships.
  • Realign communications including digital and printed media.