To establish and sustain structures for governance and management that enable the core Vision, Values and Mission of the College to be advanced.

To maintain a reputation for being outward looking, forward thinking and innovative.

To be ready, structurally and temperamentally to become a platform enabling the provision of diverse teaching and learning.


  • A management structure in place that is accountable and progressive.
  • A Council which operates with commitment and a strong understanding of governance responsibilities.
  • The Admissions process aims to reinforce the College’s strategic aims.
  • Develop a transparent scholarship programme which is true to our foundational roots. It should play to Marlborough’s strengths and needs and also promote social mobility.
  • Careful appointment of key individuals to drive Marlborough College forward.
  • Remaining alert, adaptive and nimble in innovation by being outward-looking and forward-thinking as an institution.
  • Evaluate opportunities for further use of the Marlborough College name in satellite communities. Consider further Marlborough ‘named’ campuses.
  • Develop contacts with alliances, partnerships and leading organisations from the UK, to different parts of the world. Decide which international organisations and partnerships we wish to embrace.
  • Ensure that the College recruits and retains the highest quality teachers, who see the value of lifelong learning and their own Continuing Professional Development.