Pillars of the Marlborough Experience

Marlborough is a full boarding school, committed to the notion that living and working together in a co-educational community brings value to the lives of its pupils.

The five key elements of school life are interdependent and mutually fortifying.


Marlburians will live in a community underpinned by its Anglican roots, learning the fundamental importance of valuing others as themselves, as the basis for living as a community. From its Foundation in 1843 when the College Charter established Marlborough as “A place of education for the sons of clergymen” so the College’s Anglican Chapel remains the central compass to our spiritual and ethical values.


Marlburians will be encouraged to discover the joy of intellectual curiosity and develop their intellectual abilities to the full. Independent learning, collaborative endeavour and intellectual resilience will all feature in a curriculum which emphasizes spirituality, reflection, rigour, global awareness and aspiration.


Marlburians will be encouraged to discover and develop their interests and abilities in the widest sense. Broad provision will include the opportunity for sporting excellence, health and fitness for life, creativity in music, drama and the visual arts, and adventure.
Excellence will sit alongside breadth in a co-curricular provision that seeks always to promote engagement, personal challenge and collaborative endeavour.

Rooted in the College motto, “Deus Dat Incrementum”, the College’s programme of opportunities for service will emphasise social and environmental understanding both within and beyond Marlborough.


Marlburians will be encouraged to demonstrate empathy for others, regardless of status, creed or nationality. Emotional intelligence, compassion, resilience, personal integrity and social responsibility will be fostered by supportive tutorial relationships and nurtured within a full boarding community. 

Preparation for Life

Marlburians will seek to be lifelong learners; they will understand that the process of learning goes far beyond classrooms and school and is an aspiration and a joy for life.

Individually focused guidance will encourage pupils to aspire to engaging, challenging and ambitious further education, at the best institutions both in this country and abroad. Marlburians will feel equipped with a moral compass enabling them to make confident, wise decisions, and to take personal responsibility for their actions and choices.

The Marlburian experience will be a lifelong legacy. Marlburians will develop not only a sense of friendship and community that reaches far beyond their time at the College, but also a strong sense of the responsibility to give back; to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work. Marlburians will seek to make a difference.

These pillars are designed both to promote leadership and service and offer a framework within which individuals develop their character. A Marlborough education promotes rigour through ownership of a core of knowledge, develops respect through breadth of experience and continues, as for previous generations of Marlburians, to nurture the responsibility to “give back”.