To sustain and develop an academic curriculum for every level in the College that challenges pupils to think, to engage, to debate, to find relevance and application to the world in which they live and to aspire to give of their best intellectual efforts.

To promote outstanding teaching and learning, in order that all pupils have access to the most appropriate and best post-secondary programmes worldwide.


  • Create a shared academic vision for the College, focused on pupil-centred and individualised learning and teaching embracing digital technology.
  • Continue the College-wide focus on the improvement of learning at all levels.
  • Review and revise the academic leadership structure and processes to encourage more effective strategic progress across the College.
  • Ensure that the curriculum offered at the College promotes intellectual engagement and curiosity, valuing breadth, depth and rigour, allowing for all to be appropriately stretched and challenged.
  • Ensure that in a culture of high expectations and commensurate support, each pupil is aware of his or her potential and that all Common Room and tutors encourage all pupils to achieve to their highest in public examinations.
  • Ensure that pupils have access to and are placed, if they so desire, onto the best post-secondary educational programmes worldwide, and that further, they leave with the soundest possible advice and experience with regard to future careers.
  • Nurture academic links between the College and the local and global community.
  • To investigate further language provision alongside our development of international connectivity.