To promote and extend co-curricular opportunity, such that pupils are enabled to develop creativity, responsibility, and a sense of enquiry and adventure.

To develop opportunities for leadership, service and community engagement.

To balance the support of excellence and competition against the encouragement of sustainable participation.


  • To ensure that each pupil has a co–curricular programme that is appropriate to their talents; which is enriching and enjoyable but not exhausting.
  • Each pupil to make tangible progression in at least two activities each term.
  • All staff and pupil successes reported and celebrated.
  • The opportunities for leadership in the co-curricular area should be increased.
  • To ensure that a full programme of lectures and academic trips enhances and enriches the academic programme.
  • To maintain and enhance the current weekend programme of fixtures and House trips.
  • To continue to improve the current Shell and Remove Options Programme.
  • To improve the standard of public speaking through a greater emphasis on debating.
  • To promote national connectivity through the co-curriculum.