Marlborough Excels… Academic

Lorenzo Orfali (Tu)

Marlborough College aims for pupils to discover and develop their abilities and talents in the broadest sense. We celebrate the achievements of the following pupils who have excelled academically this summer in public examinations:

Five Upper Sixth Marlborough pupils have achieved national recognition for examination success this summer.

Lorenzo Orfali (Tu)
Lorenzo scored 44/45 points in his International Baccalaureate examinations which placed him in the top 0.5% of all candidates sitting the IB Diploma worldwide.

Ameilia Drew (Co)

Our candidates’ average IB score of 35 points translates to over 500 UCAS points, which is equivalent to A*AAA at A level.

Amelia Drew (Co)
Amelia gained a staggering total of 6 A* grades at A level in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music and Physics.

At A Level 52 pupils (28% of the candidates) achieved straight A* / A / Pre-U Distinctions.

Georgina Brisby (Tu)
Georgina has been commended by Cambridge International Examinations for achieving the highest mark in the Pre-U Philosophy & Theology examination.

71 pupils (38% of the cohort) gained 3 or more A*/A grades (or their Pre-U equivalent).

Catriona Grew (Su)
Catriona studied four subjects, A levels in History and History of Art; and Pre-U’s in English and Philosophy & Theology.  Catriona was awarded the highest grade in each of her subjects, achieving a remarkable A*, A*, D1, D1 combination.

Freddie Hampel (NC)
Freddie achieved four A* grades at A level in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics as well as gaining an A  in Art.


Richard Simon (LI L6th)

Richard achieved the impressive score of 12 A* grades at (I)GCSE. He has also been commended by the Royal Astronomical Society for being amongst the highest achievers in the UK in GCSE Astronomy.

60 GCSE candidates (some 37% of the year) gained 10 or more A or A* grades.

Margo Munro Kerr (MM L6th)

Margo achieved the impressive score of 12 A* grades at (I)GCSE. She also achieved an A* at EPQ AS gaining full marks for her project.

41 GCSE candidates (over 25% of the year) gained 7 or more A* grades.

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