Marlborough Excels… Ivo Devereux

Ivo Devereux (B1 U6) successfully auditioned last Easter for the 2012 NYT Summer Programme. Competition was intense and there were apparently around 2000 applicants auditioning for some 200 places. At 17 Ivo was, I believe, the youngest applicant to be accepted (most are 20-21) and it is especially unusual for someone of his age to be successful on their first attempt.

The programme took the form of a two week residential course in Manchester where students worked in groups to devise an original performance piece based on a given stimulus. They were coached by professional directors and their work culminated in a public performance.

Ivo returned to school highly inspired and described the project as ‘a life-changing experience’. He is justly proud of being a member of the National Youth Theatre and he is very much looking forward to working with them again in the future.

J Darby

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