Politics Society: General Lorimer (OM)

The Politics Society was privileged to welcome John Lorimer (C1 1976-1981) to speak in the Adderley about his experiences in the British Army. General Lorimer is presently commanding the 3rd UK Mechanical Division but has also served previously in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and was flying to Afghanistan on the night of his talk.

Having read Arabic and Islamic Studies at Cambridge, it was enlightening to hear General Lorimer discuss how war is “all about politics”, and how crucial to the mission aims understanding the culture, religion and history of a country is, when embarking on an intervention. Another memorable point of discussion was the topic of communication between politicians and men on the ground. It is easy for one to assume that it is the army alone who fight wars but General Lorimer reiterated how, in actual fact, the politicians are often held to account by the armed forces who are serving for them.

The talk was arranged as a Q&A session with Mr. Gow and it was particularly useful for those taking the A2 Global Politics exam this summer, covering many of the major issues regarding postmodern warfare. Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to listen to a first hand expert on modern warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq, given these two wars were both fundamental in the way that global politics has been shaped for the generation that is at Marlborough today.

Ione Wells (EL U6)

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