Video News: Charity Garden Party

The annual Whole School Charity Day saw the school join together once more for a great charitable effort. This year a Charity Garden Party was held in the Master’s Garden and there were various activities to keep everyone entertained. There was a very successful ‘Regal Beagle’ café held by Mill Mead and popular Krispy Kreme donuts run by Morris. One of the most popular stands was the pillow bash where students competed in a gladiatoresque fight.

Luckily Summerfield’s barbeque and Appleby’s ice cream were in high demand because of the great weather. We managed to raise a total of £1,500 within the Charity Garden Party but there was also a huge input from individual house run events. C1 each swam 200 lengths of the swimming pool for their charity raising and C3 ran a ‘Dawn ’til Dusk’ football marathon. The total raised of £9000 will mostly go to Clic Sargent children’s cancer charity with each house also donating to their individual house charities.

Adelaide McDonald (MM L6)

To see a slideshow of the day click here

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