Dan Hannan

“Start every speech with a bang,” Dan Hannan told his audience, as he spoke about the art of 21st Century Oratory on 31st October. 

This was only one of the Ten Commandments which he argued would make an almost perfect speech.  The Old Marlburian European Parliament Member delivered an ear-opening talk which inspired all who were present to readily have the confidence to stand up in front of a large crowd, whether formally debating, or even teaching!

Here is a list of the rules that he strongly recommended one should follow if ever speaking in public:

– Make eye contact with your audience
– Have a powerful beginning and end
– Replace ‘Um’ and ‘Ah’ with silence
– Don’t use clichés
– Fully understand, yourself, the message that you wish to convey
– Relate your presentation to the audience
– Give examples and make points in groups of three
– Speak slowly- slower than comfortable
– Ask questions if you see your audience drifting off
– Use quotations within your speech

Everyone who attended the talk was greatly motivated by the enthusiasm and distinct passion that Dan Hannan expressed; the way he grabbed our attention was unique, and we are very grateful for the time he gave up for us.

Charlie Bawden and Camilla Dunhill (MM L6)

Dan Hannan’s latest book, How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters was published by Head of Zeus on November 19th.  

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