Gods, Devils and Alcohol

Dr Peter Wothers, Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge and a Fellow and Director of Studies in Chemistry at St Catharine’s College, was invited to visit Marlborough on Tuesday 27th January.

Dr Wothers, who aside from lecturing to Natural Science undergraduates at Cambridge, is involved with a number of projects bridging the transition between sixth-form and university, held a tutorial with Upper Sixth Chemists on the Schrödinger Equation before delivering his evening lecture ‘Gods, Devils and Alcohol’.

Speaking to pupils from all year groups, his lecture took the audience through a fascinating, amusing and, at times, eye opening romp through the historical background to the naming of the chemical elements and a number of important compounds.

Dr Wothers, who presented the 2012 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures titled The Modern Alchemist, was instrumental in developing the syllabus for the Chemistry Pre-University qualification and has been involved with the Chemistry Olympiad. More recently, working with colleagues and teachers across the country he has created the popular Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, C3L6.

Last year a number of our own Lower Sixth Chemists attempted the Challenge paper with Richard Simon (LI) being awarded the highest accolade for his work. Richard was subsequently invited to a Chemistry Camp at Cambridge where he met Dr Wothers and his Colleagues. He has gone on to win a place at Cambridge to read Natural Sciences.


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