CCF Range Day

The Hundred and Sixth Form Cadets enjoyed glorious sunshine during their Range Day at Worthy Down Camp and ATR Winchester on Sunday. 

During the course of the day the cadets conducted live firing using the Cadet GP rifle and Light Support Weapon (LSW).  All the cadets were scored on their group sizes for the GP rifle shoot from the prone position and the magazine rested position, putting their marksmanship skills to the test.

We were fortunate to be able to use the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) at ATR Winchester. In the DCCT the cadets fired adapted GP rifles at simulated images. The rifles use lasers and high-pressure gas to simulate the firing and recoil of the weapon. The shoot can be analysed to determine the accuracy of accuracy of each shot as well as the tilt and wobble of the weapon before, during and after firing in order to further improve marksmanship skills.

The cadets were also put through their paces on the obstacle course at Worthy Down. Obstacles including balance beams, a 10ft wall and a high climbing frame tested their strength, agility, confidence and team working skills.

The Range Day allowed the cadets to experience new activities and hone personal skills. The winner of the shooting competition will be presented with the Top Gun Trophy at CCF on Wednesday.

Rachel Randle
Contingent Commander

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