Review: CCF Annual Camp 2014

This year the Hundred cadets headed to Beckingham Camp in Lincolnshire for their Annual CCF Camp. Hosted by 49 Brigade the cadets enjoyed a varied programme of military training and personal development activities. 

The personal development programme, situated at Rutland Water, offered a range of water and land based activities. On the water the cadets tried their hand at sailing, kayaking and rafting. The sailing proved to be particularly popular but seemed to involve more capsizing than sailing at times. On the land the cadets tested their nerve on the high-ropes course and mountain biked part way around the reservoir. Their leadership and teamwork was then tested with a series of command tasks.

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The range day offered the cadets the opportunity to fire live ammunition from the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle at the 100m and 200m firing points, after undertaking a group and zero shoot. The following cadets are to be congratulated on achieving the Marksman award: Hamish Lorimer (C1 Hu), George Holland (CO Hu), Katie Vogel (EL Hu), Merlin Lindsey (C3 Hu), Archie Clarke (C1 Hu) and Rupert Edgedale (SU Hu) with George Holland achieving the highest score. Whilst on the ranges the cadets also had the opportunity to try clay target shooting, air rifle shooting and paintballing in a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) lane.

Two days were spent learning field craft and military skills. With the emphasis placed on practical skills the cadets had plenty of opportunity to practice their cam & concealment, section attack theory, movement with and without a weapon, personal admin in the field, duties of a sentry, first aid, navigation and obstacle crossing in preparation for the final contingent exercise.

The final two days of camp were set aside for a 24 hour contingent exercise. The exercise was structured to allow the cadets to put into practice the military skills they had learned throughout the camp. Under the guise of 22 Mercian Platoon and working as three sections led by Hamish Lorimer, Joly Reid (C1 Hu) and George Holland the cadets established a harbour area and then mounted recce patrols in order to observe enemy activity. The recce patrols were able to observe, the Iceni Rebel Force led by Mad Marge, Evil Auty and The Doctor capture secret agent Captain Good Camp. Early the following morning the three sections planned and executed a highly successful section attack on the enemy position in order to suppress the enemy and release Captain Good Camp.

Throughout the week the contingents on camp, which included Stowe, Queen Ethelburga’s, Trinity and Wycliffe, competed against each other in air rifle shooting, GP rifle shoot, the obstacle course and drill. The Marlborough Contingent came away as winners of the GP rifle shoot, which is a particularly pleasing result as the scores of every individual in the contingent were taken into account. They came second on the obstacle course and joint second on the air rifle shoot. The drill team, led by Henry Anthony (PR Hu), made a tremendous effort to rehearse the drill sequence and looked extremely proud as they took to the square.

Unfortunately although scoring the highest marks for the drill element they were narrowly beaten by Queen Ethelburga’s for the inspection phase. Nevertheless their consistently high performance in each competition meant that they won the overall Best CCF on Camp shield; a fitting reward for their efforts throughout the week.

Rachel Randle
Contingent Commander

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