Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Visit

Twenty-one Sixth Form Cadets enjoyed an enlightening tour of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on Tuesday. 

Entering through the Grand Entrance the cadets had a brief history lesson and tour of New College and The Royal Memorial Chapel. There was then time to observe a platoon of Junior Term Cadets learning casualty evaluation and triage skills before moving onto the ranges where Senior Term Cadets were being tested for their Range Conducting Officer qualifications. The Marlborough Cadets had the opportunity to chat to the Officer Cadets and learn something of the hugely diverse training activities they had already undertaken.

Over lunch in New College there was time for further discussion with Senior Term Cadets, including William Bird (CO 2004-09). The Officer Cadets were able to offer plenty of advice about UOTC opportunities and first-hand accounts of what life is really like at Sandhurst.

The tour concluded in Victory College where Captain Russell (2 Royal Gurkha Rifles) gave a fascinating and at times moving account of his career path from School CCF to the present day, via university, Sandhurst and a tour of Afghanistan during which he was seriously wounded. There was plenty of time for the Marlburians to ask searching questions about officer selection, life in the Forces and the Royal Gurkha Rifles. Captain Russell offered shrewd advice about career and life choices whether they planned to enter for forces or not.

We are grateful to CSgt Cope Welsh Guards and SSgt Green 3 Royal Horse Artillery for coordinating and conducting the tour of Sandhurst and fielding numerous questions from the Marlburians.

Rachel Randle
Contingent Commander

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