Review: The Revenger’s Tragedy

David Kenworthy’s adaptation of The Revenger’s Tragedy enabled a group of skilled young actors to present a Jacobean story in a contemporary context. 

The sensitive issue of mental health was given a visual representation thanks to Paul Cox’s highly detailed hospital set design, and Middleton’s characters became a group of patients reliving the violent and disturbing events which led to their incarceration by means of supervised therapy.

The actors were required to live the story and reflect upon it simultaneously, and their ability to move effortlessly between the two conflicting language styles was most impressive throughout the performance. This cast worked seamlessly as an ensemble, although a special mention must go to Georgia Vyvyan (MO U6), William Atterton (C1 L6) and Ned Seagrim (C2 L6) who carried the bulk of the text and drove the action with a committed sense of pace, rhythm and energy.

Audience members voiced their appreciation at having the play’s complexities clarified in modern English and at being invited to contemplate topical issues of political instability whilst enjoying an outstanding evening’s entertainment.

Congratulations to all involved.

Jane Darby

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